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First cable bus ever to achieve certification to CSA standard C22.2 No. 273-14

We provide a fully engineered system for connecting large power equipment.

Our extremely safe and reliable cable bus systems are cost effective and a superior alternative to bus duct, cable tray, and duct bank distribution systems.


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Through our 3D design capabilities and on-site engineering, we provide each customer with full service coordination of their project. With Power Bus Way you get quality products and excellent service every time.

Exceptional Cable Bus Design

Conventional industrial and commercial electrical systems use bus duct, cable tray, and duct bank distribution systems. Our technology provides a cleaner and simpler design that features end-to-end insulated conductors, fewer points of connection, and no bolted bus joints or splices.

Enhanced Reliability

With an investment like a cable bus system you need a superior product that you can count on. Power Bus Way engineers have developed the perfect cable bus system. The Power Bus Way system features:

  • Heavy-duty, lightweight, and durable construction
  • Impervious to the elements
  • No heaters or blowers required to maintain operational temperature

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Safety First

Our cable bus systems are designed with safety in mind and meet all building code requirements. They include:

  • Waterproof and firestop seals
  • Braced and contained cables

Enhanced Service For Less

We focus on providing our customers with a great product, excellent customer service, and competitive pricing. Our system:

  • Costs less than conventional bus duct and armoured cable tray
  • Is easy to install, which means up to 30% in labour savings
  • Has lower maintenance costs than similar systems

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